Tenderness of petals

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Tenderness of petals-wild-flowers-watercolor-wall-art-canvas

Free Download ImageFor printing on canvas sizes of 10 or 12 inches (on the larger side). For best results, get advice from your canvas print manager.
Do you want a large wall art canvas? (50, 100 or more inches on the larger side) Please contact me to get a high-resolution picture.

Image Description

Tenderness of petals

Flowers blossomed against the background of the serene summer sky. They revealed towards the sky, absorbing heat and light.

The picture is executed in gentle shades blue and lilac and also white, violet and green.

The wall art canvas “Tenderness of petals” will perfectly fit into an interior of the living room, a terrace or kitchen – and also any other room with enough solar lighting.

The Wall Art Canvas In The Room

Tenderness of petals-wild-flowers-watercolor-wall-art-canvas
Tenderness of petals-wild-flowers-watercolor-wall-art-canvas

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