Rainbow mosaic

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Rainbow Mosaic Wall Art Canvas
Free Download ImageFor printing on canvas sizes of 10 or 12 inches (on the larger side). For best results, get advice from your canvas print manager.
Do you want a large wall art canvas? (50, 100 or more inches on the larger side) Please contact me to get a high-resolution picture.

Image Description

More than 60 shades of blue, green, yellow colors are introduced in the picture “Rainbow Mosaic.”

Warm shades of orange, red and brown color dilute coldness of the image that rather harmoniously affects the general perception.

Geometrical forms – squares of one size give structure and completeness to the work.

The wall art canvas “Rainbow Mosaic” will be suitable for placement in the kitchen, the living room, office, and public space.

The Wall Art Canvas In The Room

Rainbow Mosaic Wall Art Canvas
Rainbow Mosaic Wall Art Canvas
Rainbow Mosaic Wall Art Canvas

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